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Cold Roll Forming Process

Roll forming is a continuous process that employs a series of paired roll tools to progressively shape a flat strip of metal into a desired profile. The process of progressively shaping the strip is called ‘Flowering’ as gradual change in shape appears on a continuous strip as it passes through different stages of the process.

Cold roll forming holds an edge over the other production methods as it is a continuous process that eliminates stage production, finishing and sub-assembly operations.

Cold roll formed products have already found their applications in various industries and are finding new applications every day. They have replaced many conventional methods for the betterment.


Punching Facilities are available in both online and offline methods depending upon the design and requirements.

We are equipped with complete system of Hydraulic presses with various capacities up to 100 Tonnes to do any type of punching like round and slotted.


GIPL has an inbuilt state of art Galvanizing plant which follows IS 2629:1996

Our tank sizes are 8 Mts length, 1.5 Mts width and 4 Mts depth and following 7 tank process with coating mass up to 100 microns with an Annual capacity of 48,000 MT.