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Business Division - Cold Rolled Form Sections - CRF vs HRFS

Cold Roll Forming VS Hot Roll Forming

A Case for Roll Formed Section vis-a-vis conventional Hot Rolled Sections
 Hot Rolled Sections  Cold Rolled Sections
Low Strength-to-weight ratio Very high strength-to-weight ratio
Available without any surface finish Sections provided with painted, powder-coated, galvanized or polyurethane-coated surface finish depending on customer's requirements.
Sections require frequent maintenance Sections are maintenance free owing to application of proper surface finish
Self-weight requires heavier section for the structures and its supports there by load on foundation Light section reduce dead load and consequently lighter sections for structures and supports. Thus, the load on foundation is bare minimum
High wastage since section are available only in standard lengths and shapes Sections are factory-finished to avoid wastage
Installation time high since sections need to be cut length and fabricated to site Factory-finished sections drastically reduce installation time
Only standard sections are available Optimum sections to meet exacting design specifications: no over design possible
Factory of safety sections available Additional factory of safety due to increase in yield strength by cold forming