Ganges Internationale

Business Division - Fabrication

Doing a job and doing it right are two different expressions. For over 22 years, GIPL has followed stringent commitment in doing things the right way. The mission is evident through our fabrication services where we commit to high quality fabrication, products and customer service. With our heavy engineering plants located in Raipur, they possess the capability to deliver a comprehensive and integrated solution to design, construction and customized fabrication services. We have developed enviable reputation throughout the country for having fabrication capacity of over 1000MT monthly, delivering a wide gamut of industries including cement, sugar, steel and power plants with the best quality heavy steel fabrication on time, every time.


Structural steel fabrication has been ongoing at Ganges since its inception. From simple bolted structures to fully welded modules, we have everything made easy with nothing left to chance. Our facilities are equipped with all the necessary equipment to cut, saw, drill, punch and weld steel. When it comes to quality, we make sure that our filters are skilled and extensively trained which results in superior quality output. Additionally, our welders are tested and qualified up to the mark to ensure our work is always top quality. No matter, whatever be your requirement, we cater to your needs by first thoroughly understanding your requirements. To sum with our complete fabrication services, we are glad to introduce you to our specialised service in which steel and metal can be coated at the facilities to any paint specification or hot dip galvanised coatings.

Structural fabrication at GIPL comprises of plate fabricated columns, beams, trusses, Purlin, Girders, Crane Gantry, and Boiler Structures: Buck-Stay, E.O.T. Cranes, Ducting, Casings, Bunkers and Hoppers. If any of these is your business requirement, we are happy to help you with our bespoke services.

Still thinking? Do not forget to know more about our special features and benefits that can be availed from our structural fabrication services. Take a look at why you must choose us for Heavy Engineering- ‘Fabrication’ without giving it a second thought.

  • Fabrication services are staffed by skilled craftsmen equipped with the latest equipments to be able to produce premium quality products.
  • Our dedication to quality and prompt services is unbeatable and this is why our customers are 100 % pacified in knowing that they are receiving the best solutions at unmatched prices.
  • We promise continuous monitoring to ensure practices are efficient, economical, and effective and up to the latest standards.
  • Timely project completion and that too within the agreed budget.