Structural designs are made according to the most recent American & European (TIA, EN) standards. Design Code: ANSI / TIA 222-G. Designs according to other standards are also available upon request.

tubular tower

Tubular Tower | Full Scale Tower | Ramboll Tubular Tower

Full Scale Tower Destructive Test

The Ramboll Tubular Tower has been tested for different wind loads on physical test bed and all load cases test status was successful. After successful completion of all test cases with 100% of the ultimate load, the loading was continued beyond 100% of ultimate load. Tower withstood up to 190% of loadings with a waiting period of two minutes.

The Tubular – Quantitative Advantages!
  • Cost Savings on account of Foundation Volume being lower by 15% to 25% compared to Angular tower.
  • Erection cost is lower since the tower weight is lesser
  • Erection time taken is lower
  • Equipment platform can be in built as part of the Tubular tower leading to cost savings
  • In India – 80% of Towers are Tubular type. [ATC, Reliance and Infratel have all standardized on same]
  • Easy Identification & segregation in tubular because of lesser parts & sections

Tower Technical Specifications

Material Bolt Class Galvanizing (All steel elements are hot-dip galvanized)
IS 2062 – E250, E350 IS 1367 – IS 5.6, IS 8.8 IS 2629, IS 4759
ASTM – A36, A572 ASTM – A394, A563 ASTM – A123, A153
EN 10025 – S355JR, S235JR EN ISO – 1460, 1461
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