Safety Climb Systems | Telecom Tower Accessories | Tower Speaker Audio Accessories | tower parts

Safety Climb Systems

Ganges provides tower ladders equipped with safety cage. Upon request, additional antifall protection systems are also supplied.

Aircraft Warning Light | Obstruction Lights | Monitoring tower lights

Aircraft Warning Light Systems

Ganges provides Aircraft Warning Light Systems in compliance to European standards as well as international recommendations.

Antenna Mounts | Microwave antennas | GSM antennas | Ganges

Antenna Mounts

Ganges provides antenna support for Microwave antennas and GSM antennas. Standard mounts for GSM and Microwave antennas are readily available in-stock. Custom designed antenna mounts can also be produced.

Lightning Rods | Grounding Rods | Clamps with hardware | Copper or Galvanized wires.

Lightning & Grounding Kits

Ganges provides lightning and grounding protection systems. A typical kit consits of Lightning Rods, Grounding Rods, Clamps with hardware, & Copper or Galvanized wires.

Cold rolling of Angles and Pipes | Fabrication & MIG welding | Hot Dip Galvanizing|Assembly with anti-theft bolts | 8x12m, 12x12m, 15x15m with Gates | RazorWire

Custom-Designed Palisade fencing for Towers

In House facilities for: Cold rolling of Angles and Pipes, Fabrication & MIG welding, Hot Dip Galvanizing, & Assembly with anti-theft bolts. Sizes: 8x12m, 12x12m, 15x15m with Gates, RazorWire.

Paint Material | Manufactured towers | Galvanized antenna towers | Transmission tower paint

Paint Material and Painting

Ganges can provide the paint material together with the towers. Manufactured towers can also be painted in the factory and packed with utmost care to withstand the transportation conditions.