Manufacturing Facility

State of the art manufacturing facility with fully automated SPM Welding Machines

Inhouse Pipe Rolling

Hydraulic and Mechanical presses

Multi Spindle Drilling Machine for Prop

Core Competency available with Ganges

Tube Rolling
Hot Dip Galvanizing
Tube MIG welding/fabrication
Access to different grades of steel
Cold Rolled form sections
Proximity to Port

We also do custom-designed fabrication and galvanizing of steel parts as per the customer’s requirements and standards. We also have access to specific steel grades if there are special material requirements. We have direct tie-up with the leading steel mills for the supply of High-Grade Steel

Tube Mill

We have In-house tube mill for manufacturing ERW Pipes from 1 inch up to 10 inches. Monthly capacity of the mill is 3000 Metric Tons

Tube Mill | Tube cutting | Tube Mill Plant | Mild Steel
Fabrication Bedeutung | certified welders | welding | Gas Metal Arc Welding | Gas Tungsten Arc Welding | Shielded Metal Arc Welding

We have a fabrication capacity of 4000 Metric Tons per month with 100% MIG welding and certified welders. We also have EN 3832-2 certification for welding process


We have one of the largest Galvanizing plants in South India with a monthly capacity of 6000 MT and a zinc bath size of 13.5 Meters

Galvanized Steel Structures | Galvanized steel roof structure fabrication | Hot-Dip Galvanizing | steel structures | Galvanizing
Roll mill|Roll steel coils|Pickled coils|Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets
Cold Roll form Sections

we have 12 cold roll forming mills. Our roll mill can roll steel coils to different profiles as desired by the customers. We have a monthly capacity of 4000 MT

100% MIG Welding

At our facility, precision is paramount – we exclusively employ 100% MIG welding, executed by our team of certified and skilled welders. Quality craftsmanship is our commitment.

Roll mill|Roll steel coils|Pickled coils|Cold-Rolled Steel Sheets